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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will players and parents know their schedule?

A: Practices and games for all divisions for baseball and softball during the spring season do not have a pre-determined schedule until after Evaluations, Draft Night, and Coaches' input, which occurs in early to mid-March. These dates and times are determined AFTER teams are established the week following "Evaluations" and "Draft Night" (on or around the first week in March) based on the schedule of our coaches, the number of coaches we have, umpire schedules, and field availability. Once teams are formulated, you can access your child's team and schedule via the Sports Engine App.

You can learn more about Evaluations on our Registration Page under “Registration Information.” Outside League meetings also play a role in when practices and games occur. We hope to offer a minimum of one to two practices and one to two games per week for each team and level with practices and additional games occurring on weeknights and primary games occurring on Saturdays. Sundays always remain a practice and additional game option for coaches if necessary. 

We realize this information is as ambiguous as it can get, but there are several moving parts associated with scheduling, especially when registrations, coaches', fields', and umpires' availability fluctuate from year to year. If you need definitive answers regarding scheduling; in that, you need a specifically set schedule, the best way to take part in the process is to apply to coach with PYJSBA because we do our best to accommodate schedules that fit our selected coaches’ availability.  You don’t need to know everything or even anything about softball or baseball to coach with PYJSBA as we have a tremendous support system! Apply today!

Q: What do 46/60, 50/70, and 60/90 mean?

A: These numbers that you’ll find in reference to divisions and fields refer to the dimensions of the fields played on. The first number represents the distance from the mound to the plate while the second number represents the distance between bases. The younger the player, the smaller the dimensions. By middle school age, players on a standard dimensioned 60/90 field.

Q: What time are the games and practices?

A: Most of our coaches work during the day; therefore, additional games and practices are scheduled around 6pm on weeknights.  We also schedule games on Saturdays starting at 9am and running through the evening.  Typically, TeeBall, Rookies, and Softball 8u Divisions are held in the morning while Minors, Majors, Babe Ruth, and Softball 10u & 12u are scheduled in the afternoon through the evening, with the oldest levels sometime playing under the lights. We must schedule this way to ensure our older teams can get umpires, who are scheduled in other towns in the morning. This can also change from season to season to accommodate any changes in surrounding baseball and softball leagues.

Q: What if another sport or activity is running at the same time?

A: Do the best you can.  No child should have to pick between sports or activities, but sometimes, they must.  We are aware of other sports that are primarily fall sports now operating in the spring.  We have no control over that.  If you can only make a portion of the season, our coaches will be understanding of that.  If you have to miss something, you have to miss something.

Q: How long are games and practices?

A: Games and practices are typically two hours long for the upper level divisions (ages 9-15) while lower level divisions (ages 4-8) are shorter, between 60-90 minutes.

Q: Can I request that my player be placed on a specific team with a specific coach, friend, or group of friends?

A: Siblings are rostered together when within the same level. This makes family schedules easier, but no request is needed as registrations of siblings are “batched,” and when they’re rostered within the same age level, they are rostered as a “package.”  If not, they are rostered on different teams.  

For non-siblings, unless traveling together from another town, at all levels, TeeBall, Rookies, Softball 8u, Minors, Majors, Babe Ruth, and Softball 10u & 12u, we DO NOT take specific requests in an effort to promote social growth. With the older levels, we must keep rosters competitively fair. All of our teams are formulated with coaches’ input and therefore, honoring requests becomes nearly impossible. Not to mention how easily such requests can be “lost in the shuffle.” 

In early March, Tee Ball and Softball 8u Coaches "create" their teams while  Coaches "draft" players to formulate Rookies through Babe Ruth and Softball 10u & 12u teams based on Evaluations.  You can learn more about Evaluations on our Registration Page under “Registration Information.”

CHEAT CODE: Parents with team or teammate requests IN ALL DIVISIONS are encouraged to do one of two things to help them accomplish a specific request: 

  1. Apply to coach with PYJSBA as the formation of teams is reliant upon coaches’ input. If selected to coach, you will have a say in your schedule to a certain extent within some reasonable limitations.
  2. If you can’t coach, try to touch base with someone you know that is applying to coach or is coaching in your child's division and speak with them about your request. That way, when the coach provides their input on formulating their team, they can attempt to honor your request.  You can learn more about PYJSBA's divisions on our Registration Page under “Registration Information.”

*Option one essentially guarantees your request getting honored if selected to coach while option two makes it likely, but it does not guarantee anything.

*Because there is no guarantee that parents or players will get the coach of their choice or be rostered with friends of their choice, parents and players should rest assured that ALL of our coaches are fully vetted and certified, and all of our players are registered for the same purpose: grow a love for baseball and get better at the sport! You can learn about the coaching requirements and standards PYJSBA holds coaches to by visiting our Coaches and Umpires page.

Q: What is Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth Baseball and Softball, and how does it differ from other programs?

A: There are far too many differences to list, but PYJSBA continues to work around other organizations to make possible for our most serious players the opportunity to play in multiple programs in an effort to improve their game. Chartering with Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth organizations makes that desire possible, especially with post-season scheduling. Check out the Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Site to learn more about why PYJSBA has chosen the organization for our program offerings.

Q: What equipment do I need to purchase?

A: With your registration fee, PYJSBA supplies hats, jerseys, and socks. All players need their own mitt, grey baseball pants, and cleats.  Cleats must be rubber or composite bottoms except for Babe Ruth 13-16 year olds, who are permitted to wear metal spikes. PYJSBA, through our fundraising efforts, again plans to provide each team with a team bat, a couple of team helmets, and a set of team catcher's equipment.  If you may be uncomfortable with your child sharing these items, you are free to purchase them on your own for your child.  

Q: Where do you recommend I purchase equipment?

A: Dick's Sporting Goods and Amazon are definitive go-to's.
Keep an eye out for our PYJSBA Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon in March! The current coupon is posted on the Registration Info and Coach & Umpire page. We will also post on our Facebook page and email the new coupon when we get it. 

Q: I am interested in helping coach.  Who do I contact?

A: Contact our Player and Coach Agent as soon as possible and be sure your review our Coaches' and Umpires' Page to begin taking care of the necessary certifications.

Q. How do I sign up to Volunteer?

A:  PYJSBA is an organization that runs primarily on a group of dedicated volunteers, who are committed to helping provide our players, families, and community members as memorable experience.  With that said, PYJSBA is ALWAYS looking for extra hands, whether it's helping coaches prep fields, helping the Snack Shack set-up, sell, or break down for the day, or volunteering to Coach and Umpire, there are opportunities aplenty! Keep an eye on our Facebook for volunteer opportunities and consider helping us succeed in our mission!

Q: Can you help provide information regarding travel-level competition and/or individual or small-group instruction?

A: Yes! PYJSBA is recreational level with post-season All-Star implications, but our board and many coaches have decades of experience in the games of softball and baseball.  We have several connections from youth to college levels that we can develop or share according to each players' needs.  Simply email the League President for more information.

Q: Can a parent request a level change for their child to “bump up” or “bump down” a level?

A:  PYJSBA’s registration system, by default, levels each player registered by their age according to league rules; however, we realize that some players possess skills above and beyond their age level while some may be below their age level. With that said, players who are on the cusp of one age and another are provided the option to play up or down according to skill level.  HOWEVER, evaluations are, in part, held for this very reason regarding Rookies, Minors, Majors, and Softball 10u & 12u divisions, so if players at those levels are better suited “playing up” or “playing down,” Coaches make that determination and recommendations based on their performance at evaluations. A PYJSBA representative will always contact the parents of these players to discuss recommendations before making a final decision. 

If a child is registered by default under TeeBall or 8u Softball, but parents are seeking to realistically “bump up” their child a level to Rookies or Softball 10u, PYJSBA welcomes these players to participate in evaluations, and a PYJSBA representative will contact you to discuss coaches’ recommendations.

Special Note Regarding All-Stars: If a player is “bumped up” for the regular season, and the player is selected for All-Stars, parents should anticipate their child participating at their age-appropriate level to fill rosters, as these teams are formulated and registered with the state and Ripken and Babe Ruth organizations by age, not league levels. Determinations and recommendations regarding All-Star participation are determined by regular season performance as described in detail on our All-Stars page.

All-Stars Specific FAQs

Because there are so many finer details related to All-Stars, we have an All-Stars page dedicated to covering everything.  Please check out the page.


Still Have Questions?

PYJSBA is here to help!  Please visit our Board Page to find the perfect contact.