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2023 Registration for Baseball AND Softball is Open!

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Come Coach and/or Umpire with Us! Register Now!

Come coach with us! Register Now!

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The Last Day to Register PLAYERS Before a $25 Late Fee

February 5, 2023

The Last Day to Register to Coach and Receive Reimbursement Eligibility 

February 28, 2023

Coaches Meeting for All Levels

March 1, 2023 6pm-8pm Location TBA

All Coaches from Softball, TeeBall, Rookies, Minors, Majors, and Babe Ruth meet on this night to review certifications, league rules, and league events. Coaches will also receive their team equipment, work out their field choices, and identify their practice schedule. Softball and TeeBall Coaches will assemble their teams.

Evaluations for Rookies, Minors, and Majors Players & Coaches

March 6, 7, & 8 6pm-8pm Location TBA

All Rookie, Minor, and Major players & coaches attend. Players perform a series of baseball related activities to get a sense of where each players’ skills are for the purpose of helping coaches assemble their teams. TeeBallers who are ready for Rookies are also invited IF parents feel they can handle being on the same field with 7 & 8 year old players at the Rookies level.

Draft night for Rookies, Minors, & Majors Coaches

March 15 6-8pm Location tba

Coaches meet on this night to assemble teams based on player performances at Evaluations - The goal is to assemble the most competitive teams possible. Within a few days after this date, players will be rostered, and parents will be able to see and interact with their team in the Sports Engine App.



Important News

Opening Day Ceremony, Team Photos, & Games

Scheduled for April 8, 2023

(Rain Date: April 15, 2023)

More info to follow

PYJSBA NEEDS COACHES & UMPIRES! Below are who we have so far. Please consider joining us! Our community’s children NEED YOU!

As of 2/1/2023

Umpires - 2


TeeBall - 9

Rookies - 3

Softball 7, 8, & 9 - 0

Minors - 3

Majors - 3

Babe Ruth - 0

We’ve had some questions regarding practice and game days and times, so people can sign up for their Volunteer Shifts. While schedules can and do change due to weather or emergency, the following is what we can provide:


Games are scheduled based on umpire availability, field availability, and coach availability. We have a fairly clear picture of when these games will be based on confirmed umpire availability.

TeeBall games last about an hour. All other levels are capped at two hours in length.

TeeBall (4-6 years old)

  • TeeBall transitions to weeknight games on their practice night once coaches feel they are ready. Some coaches opt to begin this transition sooner than others. Because TeeBall does not require umpires or specific field dimensions, schedules are worked out among coaches at our first Coaches’ Meeting on or around March 1.
  • TeeBall Saturday games are scheduled for 10am at the LEH Sports Complex.

Rookies (7-8 years old)

  • Rookies weeknight games are scheduled on Tuesday nights.
  • Rookies Saturday games are scheduled at 11am.

Softball (7, 8, & 9 years old)

  • Softball 7,8,9 officially has enough for a team!  We will look to practice 2 nights a week on Mondays & Fridays to accommodate girls who are also playing baseball, and once coaches feel they are ready, we will look to schedule games if possible. Schedules are worked out among coaches at our first Coaches’ Meeting on or around March 1.

Minors (9-10 years old)

  • Minors weeknight games are scheduled primarily on Thursday nights. Depending on field, opponent, and umpire availability, a game here and there could be moved to Wednesday night.
  • Minors Saturday games are scheduled between 1 to 6pm depending on field, opponent, and umpire availability.

Majors (11-12 years old)

  • Majors weeknight games are scheduled primarily on Wednesday nights.  Depending on field, opponent, and umpire availability, a game here and there could be moved to Thursday night.
  • Majors Saturday games are scheduled between 1 to 6pm depending on field, opponent, and umpire availability.

Babe Ruth (13-15 years old)

  • Babe Ruth weeknight AND weekend games are scheduled primarily around the middle school and high school players’ schedules and field availability.


Practices at all levels are held during the week, typically starting at 6pm. The days are up to coaches to decide based on their schedules and field availability, which we decide as a program at our Coaches’ Meeting scheduled on or around  March 1.

  • TeeBall (4-6 years old) typically practices 1 night during the week for an hour to an hour and a half. These practices may transition to games when coaches feel their team is ready.
  • Rookies (7-8 years old), Minors (9-10 years old), and Majors (11-12 years old) typically practice 1-2 nights during the week for two hours. 
  • Babe Ruth (13-15 years old) typically practice 1-2 nights during the week for two hours, but this level is not as consistent because the bulk of these players play for the middle school team. 

Regarding everyone’s concerns about messages from other organizations offering baseball to players in our town, please refer to the topic on our FAQ Page. Your concern and loyalty are Second to None, but it’s simply another option to play more ball just like it is for players from here to South Toms river who want a Ripken Baseball experience.

We are excited to announce “Skills & Drills” Sessions begin on January 16 for all 9-15 year old baseball players! Details are emailed once registration is confirmed.

2023 PYJSBA Player Registration IS NOW OPEN!

Baseball is Co-ed!

If you have questions regarding equipment needed, level change requests, scheduling, volunteering, All-Stars, etc., please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. 

2023 PYJSBA Coaches & Umpires Registration IS NOW OPEN!

PYJSBA Sponsorship Opportunities are NOW OPEN!

WE ARE ALSO OFFERING SOFTBALL! The same registration offers Softball for Girls too! Available options are available when registering.  Girls 6 and under must register for TeeBall. We unfortunately are not yet prepared to offer Softball for Girls 13 and older.  

Because PYJSBA is offering Softball for the first time, we will update a weekly tally of these registrations to keep parents informed. For more information regarding our Softball offerings, please visit the Registration Page.


Softball Registrations as of 2/1/23

Level I - Ages 7, 8, & 9

16 Players

Level II - Ages 10, 11, & 12

4 Player



Jersey Shore Baseball and Pinelands Youth Jersey Shore Baseball

Jersey Shore Baseball Association proudly offers PYJSBA, a premier recreational baseball experience.  We are  a non-profit organization focused on strengthening interest in baseball within our community!  We aim to offer an array of divisional opportunities for players ages 4 through 15 within the Cal Ripken Baseball Program. Our coaches receive annual background checks and Abuse Prevention Training in addition to earning certifications from the "Rutgers Youth Sports Safety Council," and the Cal Ripken Baseball “Coaching Youth Baseball the Babe Ruth League Way." 

Our Parent Organization, Jersey Shore Baseball, offers competitive, travel opportunities for players ages 8-18 within the Jersey Shore Baseball Program.  If you are looking for an additional level of competition, we encourage you to visit their site.

PYJSBA's aim is to improve player skills, reinforce physical, mental, and emotional strength and conditioning, and further develop a positive mindset within a safe and caring environment.  We are committed to promoting family and community values with the hope of creating experiences and moments to last a lifetime.

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