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Volunteer Rebate & Volunteers

Volunteer Rebate & Volunteers

Remaining true to PYJSBA's mission to charge families only what is necessary to cover each season's costs for equipment, uniforms, field maintenance, team activities, and umpires, our player numbers continue to rise. A volunteer program cannot sustain itself without the help of our community. As we continue to grow, a higher demand for volunteers is needed; therefore PYJSBA is adding a $50 "Volunteer Rebate" to each player registration to encourage community involvement further.  This "Volunteer Rebate" is refunded after fulfilling your volunteer task.

PYJSBA Parents have two options to fulfill their Volunteer Rebate Commitments

Volunteer Rebate 2-Hour Volunteer. This fee is included in each player's registration and is reimbursed to you after you sign up and complete 2 hours of volunteering for PYJSBA. If you do not fulfill your 2 hours by June 30th the fee is a direct donation to PYJSBA and is non-reimbursable.

Volunteer Rebate Donation NON-volunteer. This donation is a direct deposit to PYJSBA and is non-reimbursable. You are opting out of the 2-hour volunteer option for PYJSBA.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Click on the "Volunteer Sign Up" Button at the bottom of this page.
  • Doing so will take you to our "Pinelands Youth Jersey Shore Baseball Dib Sessions" page.
  • On our "Pinelands Youth Jersey Shore Baseball Dib Sessions" page, you will find the list of available "Volunteer Sessions" titled "Dib Session."
  • Click the date you are available to fulfill your Volunteer Session and the type you prefer. (These sessions update throughout the season, so please check back weekly for other opportunities).
  • Once you click on a date and session, this will take you to a description of the task and a list of available time slots and locations for you to choose from. Click on a slot that fits your schedule.
  • Again, review the description, time, and location of your selected session.  If all is good, click "Claim this Dib Item."
  • That's it!  Just show up for your Volunteer Session at least five minutes early to sign in for your designated time and location and complete your task.
  • Once sign-ins are reviewed, your session will be marked complete, and a check for your Volunteer Rebate will be processed.


  • Volunteer Spots are in 1 to 2-hour increments.
  • Families with more than one child are asked to fulfill a Volunteer task for each child registered and are reimbursed accordingly.
  • Once we have confirmation that you have signed in at your specified location and time and completed your 2 volunteer hours, your session will be marked complete and your Volunteer Rebate will be processed. Please allow a week for Volunteer Rebates to be processed.
  • All Volunteer Rebates must be completed by June 30th to be eligible for a refund.
  • Only tasks posted under “Volunteer Sign Up” on the PYJSBA website are eligible to count towards Volunteer Rebate hours unless specified by the PYJSBA Board of Directors.


All volunteers are responsible for signing in upon arriving for any volunteer shifts to ensure they receive credit toward their Volunteer Rebate requirements. 

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